The second Russian avant-garde existed for 30 years (60-80s). Its main characteristic is a total separation from the Soviet artistic and literary aesthetics, a new word in the culture of the ХХth century.

Western journalists called them «underground artists» and «unofficial art». And they have never been not only underground, but on the contrary, actively showed their work to a huge number of viewers.  

These visits were a spiritual revolution for many people. Publications abroad about the participants of the second avant-garde as artists began immediately. 

But if no one was imprisoned for pictures, then they imprisoned for poetry: the Soviet government took literature more seriously. 

Life scattered our heroes in different countries. They emigrated from Russia, where the work of nonconformists has not yet been appreciated at its true worth.

The film “Cinema about the Past. Portrait of the era of workshops "was awarded the Diploma of the Eighth Eurasian Television Forum in the category" Documentary films and programs "and the 1st degree Diploma" A. Borovik Prize-2007 ".