When writers’ family from Moscow – Lyudmila and Andrei Sergeyevs – arrived for the first time to rest in Palanga, they could not even imagine the influence of this family rest on the history of literature of the twentieth century, and that they would become a binding link, a kind of “East-West” bridge, which was built in Soviet times. In Palanga, the spouses met poet Tomas Venclova, to whom they soon introduced their friend Josepf Brodsky. The film tells about the role Lithuania played in the life of the poet and about his closest friends – poet Thomas Ventslova and physicist Romas Katilus.

Written and directed by Lilia VYUGINA Running time - 57 min. Production - Studio «Fourth version» supported by Lithuanian Film Center and Lithuanian National TV Year of issue – 2018 Lithuanian National TV канал Культура