In September, 1941 in Vilnius, hitlerites have created a ghetto at the territory of old city.

Members of the Jewish administration of the ghetto led by Jacob Gens, consoling themselves and others " necessity of small victims ", agreed to carry out requirements of Germans about delivery of people on execution. The Jewish policemen sufficed the colleagues and drove them to hands of executioners. Why prisoners of a ghetto did not resist to violence and if resisted, but weakly? What was the price of the compromise with the executioner? Whether there is a justification to a choice - whom to send on execution?

Authors of a documentary film discuss these uneasy questions on an example of tragical destiny of the most appreciable and ambiguous figure in a ghetto - chairman, the former officer of the Lithuanian army Jacob Gens. Who was he - the helper of executioners or a victim of the circumstances, tried to rescue even the some people?....