I loved Zhenya Klyachkin very much. Time passed, and I hear his voice. The informals have strange fates, apparently, the common coordinate system is somehow knocked down. I remember the cautious words of someone from the former bosses - "These unpredictable bards ..." He left Leningrad for Tel Aviv, took his wife and children away. Careless as a boy, gray-haired friend of mine Zhenya Klyachkin.

It turned out that a lot of it was filmed, recorded - after all, the technological era is in the yard. Probably, many will put their palm on their hearts and spend the time at the screen that this film is being made, made by loving people.

Veronika DOLINA

One of the most popular authors, active in the 60s, 70s and 80s, the bard Yevgeny Klyachkin decided to leave the Soviet Union in 1990. He explained his departure by the disappointment and inconsistency of the "Gorbachev thaw" the authorities were unwilling to fight. His departure, apparently, coincided with a creative and age crisis. 

After a series of farewell concerts, in April 1990, Klyachkin emigrated to Israel. The departure did not solve the problems; rather, it created new ones.

In Israel, he had to combine concert activity with work as an engineer in the municipality. Trying to convey his poems to the local public, Klyachkin began to perform his songs in Hebrew. Yevgeny Klyachkin's friends - translator Gennady Gontar and bard Yuri Kukin - are arguing about the possibility of perceiving translations in a specific genre of an author's song. 

Poets often feel like foreigners in their own country. Having left, Klyachkin became a "foreigner" in Israel ...

The documentary footage by E. Klyachkin of 1987-1994, excerpts and working materials of the Israeli TV film were used in the film.

Ether - Ren TV, Channel Five

Year of release - 1996