Тhe artist Ilya Kabakov is preparing his first foreign installation, «Ten Persons» in the spring of 1988, in New York. This is a unique video. Kabakov still does not know what this exhibition in Feldman's Art gallery will means for him, and what role these two months will play in his personal and creative life. The camera captures not only the artist's creative twists and turns, but also deeply personal experiences associated with his wife Vika remained hostage in the USSR.

Participated: Ilya Kabakov, Grigory Perkel, Ronald Feldman, Dina Verny, Ernst Neizvestny, Vladimir Yankilevsky, Mikhail Shemyakin, Victoria Mochalova.

Written, directed and produced by Liliya Vyugina
Shooting - Grigory PERKEL
Timing - 25 minutes