In August, 1979 during tours across the United States the leading dancer of the Big theatre Alexander Godunov has asked a political asylum. His wife, ballerina Lyudmila Vlasova, has decided to return to Moscow. Americans, including, that take away it violently, have detained a start of the plane for three days. All this time Godunov was beside, in a small minibus with the blacked out glasses and as a spell repeated: «Give me my wife!». They were named by Romeo and Juliet of cold war. After runaway Godunov became more known not as the remarkable dancer with whom it undoubtedly was, and as the person, whose love became a change card in the big politics tricks.

The film featured: A. Godunov's closest relatives, who agreed to be interviewed for the first time, including his older brother Oleg, and his American press secretary Evelyn Shriver. And also Godunov’s ex-wife Lyudmila Vlasova, his Riga friends Tamara Bleskina and Andris Vitinsh, teachers of the Riga Choreographic School Arthur Ekis and Harold Ritenberg; People's Artists of the USSR Maya Plisetskaya and Nina Sorokina; chief choreographer of the American Ballet Theater Elena Chernyshova, actress Jacqueline Bisset.
Viewers will see unique photographs from the family archive, archival footage of the Soviet era and unknown American footage.

Running time – 52 min.
Scriptwriter and director – Liliya Vyugina
2009 – 2012